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🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
Pourquoi acheter une Lunch Box chauffante ?

Why buy a heated lunch box?

Eat your meal anywhere and anytime, it is now possible. By adopting a heated lunch box, you are deciding to adopt a new way of life.

Thanks to the heated lunch box , you can also enjoy homemade meals and keep them warm at all times. A small revolution, allows you to eat healthy and hot food in a portable way.

Small, practical, light and fast, a heated lunch box will surely help you a lot. 

So what are you waiting for? Finally, it's time to buy a heated lunch box that will allow you to eat properly again without wasting precious time. Just prepare your lunch at home and put it in your electric container. The food will be hot and tasty again, and when you want to reheat it with our heated lunch box, there will be no problem, because you will only have to plug the portable lunch box into the power outlet and in no time , you will have a hot meal .

What is a 0 heated lunch box ?

A heated lunch box is a food holder that uses the heat from an electrical outlet to heat your food without having to use a microwave . They are made of materials that are temperature resistant and do not emit toxins . This heated lunch box not only heats food, but also preserves it.

The heated lunch box has compartments and can be washed. Some are in stainless steel, others in polypropylene or with an aluminum alloy resistance system. A more than excellent product for all those who have to spend many hours away from home and do not want to miss a good and tasty meal as prepared at home.

A heated lunch box can be used both at home and away from home, and you can usually find them in different sizes and designs. They generally work with a simple electrical outlet and nothing else. Some models allow you to choose the temperature you want. After reheating it, we can take the plate out of the heated lunch box and start enjoying our meal.

If you're looking for a heated lunch box , we're sure you want your meals to be efficient and convenient. Knowing this, we offer you some of our heated lunch box models.

If the image link does not work, click here to access the model.

If the image link does not work, click here to access the model.

If the image link does not work, click here to access the model.

How to use a heated lunch box ?

The use is very simple, you just have to put the chosen food in the compartments of the heated lunch box , although there are also models without compartment. When it's time for your lunch, you just need to plug it into the electricity for a few minutes, or if it has a USB port , you can connect it to your PC.

Some lunch box models are equipped with an automatic shut-off device. This means that when your food is heated, the heated lunch box will turn off without you having to worry about it.

When the food heats up, simply remove the container from the tray and enjoy your meal. In addition, it is recommended to constantly clean your heated lunch box .

How you clean the product may vary by model and manufacturer, so we recommend that you read the user manual carefully.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the price. It is very accessible to anyone who works outdoors for a long time and is a very useful tool, so it is worth the investment. Also, it is useful for children going to school, traveling and many other occasions. With such a heated lunch box , you will always have the opportunity to heat up food.

What are the disadvantages ?

The only disadvantage of this type of heated lunch box is that it usually takes longer to heat the food than, for example, in an electric oven or microwave .

SO ? With all its information, don't you think that the heated lunch box is an incredible asset for eating hot meals even at work or outdoors!

If you are interested in acquiring a lunch box , whether heated or not, I advise you to visit our Ma-Lunch-Box website site

If the image link does not work, click here to access the site.

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