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Ce que la composition de vos Lunch Box révèle de votre personnalité

What the composition of your Lunch Box reveals about your personality

If you think about it, for most of history people ate what was available. 

If you weren't eating what was available, you weren't eating.

As a child, you ate what your parents prepared for you regardless of your preferences , or you ate the types of foods and meals preferred and prepared by your family. It is about often from a culturally ingrained diet.

However, today we are exposed to different cultures for the first time – and therefore to a wide variety of foods . In addition, we have access to a wide variety of foods without difficulty or distance required to acquire them or to try them. W e also see that today parents respond much more to the personal preferences of their children, with the children dictating the menu, rather than the other way around.

While access, culture , and habits are huge factors that determine the foods we eat, studies have also shown that our personalities also have a huge influence on what we eat. What does the composition of your lunch boxes say about your personality?

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Spicy and spiritual

According to a study by Hayes , people who seek thrills — like driving fast on a windswept road — are more likely to enjoy and eat spicy foods. They also found that people who like being praised and winning contests are also more likely to eat spicy foods , although the latter did not necessarily "like" spicy foods despite their increased consumption. If the meals in your Lunch Boxes are colored by spices, you surely like the strong sensations as well as the feeling of satisfaction when you win a competition to the applause of your loved ones.

Sugar Pie

Another group of researchers looked at the idea of ​​"sweets for the sweet " and, after several studies, found that people who like sweets like candies and cakes tend to be friendly and compassionate people.

"The most sociable people like sweet foods to a greater extent than less social people," the authors write, "and, perhaps more importantly, his preferences for sweet tastes were predicted, by laboratory measurements , that person magnets participate more often in social missions such as helping, sharing or volunteering ".


a preference for bitter foods such as black coffee or radishes was more closely correlated with traits such as insensitivity and selfishness.

Another study,

centered on vodka flavors , revealed that those with a preference for peach tended to be crisp and dramatic . While those who preferred cranberries tended to be serious , dull, and overworked. Vanilla drinkers revealed be impulsive and driven by emotion, and enjoy being around other people.

The explanation

One possible reason for these preferences is that our food preferences develop alongside our personality , between the ages of 0 and 7. Similar studies also show that preferences other than food also strengthen during this time. Preferences like color, clothes and feelings. So while the reasons that drive us to choose what we do may still be elusive , what we choose can really reveal a lot about who we are.

Now you know how to analyze the compositions of your Lunch Boxes as well as those of your loved ones! So if they don't already have one why not give it to them? You will be able to learn more about their personality.

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