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Nos meilleurs conseils pour des Lunch Box délicieuse et saines !

Our best tips for delicious and healthy Lunch Boxes!

Tips for delicious and healthy lunch boxes , or how to make your lunch break a healthy break.

 With many different ideas for filling your lunch box and tips on equipment and meal preparation.

During the week, you spend most of your day away from home. While it is generally easy to eat healthy, varied and delicious food at home, it is often a challenge when you are away from home: healthy and tasty food is scarce in the canteen and bringing a few things yourself often seems time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. But there is another way! With these delicious recipes from lunch box for your healthy lunch, your lunch break will be a highlight. The lunch boxes are THE solution for healthy eating on the go. If you still don't have one not, I advise you of visit our Ma-Lunch-Box website

Your own Lunch Box - healthy food to go

If you're lucky enough to have restaurants nearby that offer freshly prepared lunches, that's a good thing. However, if you are dependent on canteen food - and suffer from various intolerances like me - the choice in the canteen is usually quite difficult: either you eat a salad (boring in the long run) , or you hope to find something decent in the canteen. I have experienced that really healthy lunch recipes are unfortunately often rare. And even if you find something decent, I think canteen food is usually overpriced, unnatural, and hard to digest.

So why not make a virtue of necessity? A chance to grab lunch. Or how to make your lunch break a healthy and delicious break ! No problem with good Lunch Boxes.

Lunch Equipment box

In principle, you are completely flexible when it comes to equipment. When I started making my own lunch last summer, I used to pack a cooler bag : a Lunch Box filled with a cleverly composed salad, separately roasted seeds, fruit and a treat for the afternoon. All packed in a small bag with a flat bottom. 

Bento Lunch Boxes

After a long search, I decided to buy a lunch box bento because they were nice and compact (they fit in my handbag) hand ) keep well, microwave and dishwasher safe.

bento box

If the image link does not work, click here to access the collection.

To be able to put the dirty box in the dishwasher at night and pack the box for the next day at the same time, I bought two boxes . They are not very expensive and it is a thousand times more practical to have several.
To be more flexible, I bought an additional accessory, in my opinion the following part worth the investment:

An insulated handbag for the Bento Lunch Box - He is beautiful and practical . In addition to the box, there is also space for a napkin in the bag and you can transport the bento box wonderfully into the microwave and in the canteen.


If the image link does not work, click here to access the model.

Tip for filling

Now let's get inside, because what good is the most beautiful bento box if it's not being used? You don't have to sit in front of the stove for hours and cook especially for the bento box, make little figures out of rice and shape animals out of fruit. Here are my tips collected during the last months of creating Lunch Box !

I usually make something for the next day's bento box while I'm cooking in the evening or before I go to bed. Sometimes I can't do it in the evening, so I fill the box in the morning before I go to work; with a little planning and experience , it works pretty well and also without much stress.

After a few experiments, I have a certain routine regarding the contents of lunch boxes and I always fill my boxes according to the following system: one box contains the main course which is reheated, the other box is filled with raw vegetables and hummus, salad or fruit. There is also enough room in the bag for a small chocolate bar or a handful of nuts. 

Especially in winter it's nice to have something hot for lunch. In order not to drag out cooking, there are some tips that simplify the preparation of hot meals:

  • Think about your Lunch Boxes for the week while you shop . So your fridge is stocked and you don't waste time preparing your meal, you'll also have several options for quick-prepared office lunches at your fingertips.

  • Think about the following boxes while cooking : I happen to cook a bit more and put the extra portion straight into a bento box when I'm making my dinner. Or, for example, I prepare vegetable pasta while something is simmering.

  • Use of leftovers: When we cook a big meal on the weekend, for example, some of it often ends up in the bento box as lunch, such as the meatballs with bacon beans and fried potatoes. Is there any rice left? More than half of my boxes are at least partially leftovers.

Now that you know how to prepare Lunch Boxes easily, you will be able to save precious time !

If you do not already have a Lunch Box, I advise you to discover our Ma-Lunch-Box website , you will find a wide choice of Lunch Boxes for all the family and for all tastes.


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