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🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
Lunch Box ; l'accessoire zéro déchet indispensable

lunch box; the essential zero waste accessory

What appears to be a relic from kindergarten days is rightly experiencing a renaissance:

 Make your office lunch break sustainable with a lunch box! 

Because you save packaging waste if you don't have to buy everything "to take away". And with meal prep, you also ensure a healthy and delicious lunch!

lunch box durable, good for the environment and your wallet

Wrap the sandwiches in aluminum foil or plastic wrap? Stop doing it once you start thinking a bit about sustainability in your daily life. There are not only more eco-friendly solutions for this sort of thing, but also much more chic solutions: Even our grandparents knew the good old lunch box as a durable transport container, except that at the time, it was still called a sandwich box. A lunch box made of stainless steel, glass or bamboo saves plastic when eating, and you can use the lunch box sustainably again and again. 

If you are interested in buying a Lunch Box, do not hesitate to visit our Ma-Lunch-Box website . We offer many models of Lunch Boxes such as the famous Glass Lunch Box.


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And of course, there are not only sandwiches in it, but also many other things! 

The lunch box is usually divided into several small compartments for this purpose, so that you can take different ingredients separately. Plus, use a sustainable water, coffee or tea bottle with your lunch box to take with you instead of buying drinks on the go - it's good for the environment and your wallet !

Awakened ambition? Take up the challenge of a waste-free lunch!

Making your lunch box sustainable isn't just about the box itself:

 In When it comes to content, you can also help minimize your impact on the environment. Meal prep is the term given to the trend of systematically preparing your lunch box at home for work, so that you don't have to buy something on the go - which often results in something unhealthy or packaging waste . The trick to meal prep is to prepare meals that are as balanced, tasty, and most importantly, stress-free as possible the night before and take them to the office in your lunch box in a sustainable way.

The pros even make a complete weekly plan and shop accordingly to avoid waste and daily stress. For this, it is not always necessary to resort to pre-cooked recipes, raw vegetables, cottage cheese dishes, cheese and nuts are also tasty meals to take away and are considered " food for the brain". " that will give you good energy and not weigh you down. Or try our sandwich recipes - because sandwiches don't have to be boring!

Now you know how much the Lunch Box is an essential tool to avoid food waste and reduce waste. Don't hesitate to take a look at our Ma-Lunch-Box website to discover our large collection of lunch boxes.


If the image link does not work, click here to access the site .

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