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🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
Choisissez la lunch box qui vous ressemble !

Choose the lunch box that suits you!

It is a difficult choice to make! We will help you.

Packing your own lunch provides the freedom to choose healthier meals and save money , allowing students and professionals to have greater control over their diet and well-being. But still it is necessary to have the good one lunch box or the right bento?

Find the perfect lunch box

The lunch box is a real success for young and old alike. For what? It's very simple to understand. It meets all the criteria that ensure the quality of a good meal (capacity, size, freshness, weight, ergonomics, customization, savings).

Choose it according to your needs!

Consider what type of meal you want to pack, how much food to carry, and how long it will need to be stored.

For hot meals, opt for an insulated box. If you prefer to separate food, look for a box with compartments. The environmental aspect occupies a place in your life and you are sensitive to it, so the ecological lunch box is made for you.

Capacity is also a parameter to consider. Rather big or small eaters? Alone or accompanied? Adult or Child? From 350 mL to 1.7L, there's something for every occasion. Whether with family, friends or for a single person, you will find what you are looking for. Nothing is more pleasant than having a picnic by the lake, on a motorway service area or in a park.

His capacity

Choosing the right size lunch box is the basis. Here is an overview of the different sizes available:

Small size - ideal for snacks and snacks :

  • Capacity: from 300ml to 600ml.
  • Perfect for small portions like cut fruit, nuts or energy bars.
  • Compact and easy to carry, they can be slipped into a handbag or backpack.
  • Also suitable for children.
    Medium Size - Perfect for Light Meals :
    • Capacity: from 600 ml to 1000 ml.
    • Ideal for packing lunch or a light lunch.
    • Offer enough space for salads, sandwiches, wraps or ready meals.
    • More versatile than the smaller sizes and works well for one person.
    • Easy to store in a lunch bag.
      Large size - For large meals or an entire day :
      • Capacity: more than 1000ml.
      • Ideal if you need to carry full meals for an entire day or larger portions.
      • Provide ample space for multiple compartments, allowing food to be separated and flavors to remain intact.
      • Suitable for people with larger appetites or specific nutritional needs.
        Special sizes - Tailored to special needs :
        • In addition to the standard sizes, there are special lunch boxes to meet specific needs.
        • Insulated lunch boxes: designed to keep food hot or cold for an extended period of time.
        • Bento boxes: equipped with several compartments to separate food and add an aesthetic touch to your meal.
        • Lunch boxes with modular containers: allow you to adjust the size according to your specific needs.

          His function

          Isothermal Lunch Boxes: Insulated lunch boxes maintain the initial temperature of your food at 10°C or less for approximately 4 to 6 hours. They feature thermal insulation that delays heat transfer, ensuring food is kept at a safe temperature for a set amount of time. They often have separate compartments to prevent hot and cold foods from mixing.

          Heated Lunch Boxes: Heated lunch boxes are specially designed to heat food and keep it warm , at a temperature close to 60°C . They are equipped with integrated heating elements which allow quick and efficient heating of food. Heated lunch boxes typically offer multiple degrees of temperature to accommodate individual preferences and different types of food.

          The main difference between insulated lunch boxes and heated lunch boxes lies in the degrees of temperature they offer (ambient or hot). Insulated and heated lunch boxes offer practical solutions for maintaining the temperature and freshness of your meals.

          So which one will you choose? We offer you a 5th discount on your order on our website (valid July 2023) - CODE: MAMS5

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