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Nos conseils pour être en bonne santé avec une alimentation saine

Our tips for being healthy with a healthy diet

Our daily life boils down to a tiring lifestyle that requires a lot of energy.

This is why it is important to follow a healthy and regular diet.

Eat lunch or skip it?

If you think skipping breakfast will help you lose weight, your thinking is on the wrong track. Skipping breakfast can potentially lead to weight gain. When your stomach is empty, your brain tells your cells to conserve energy - thus slowing down your metabolism.

Many health professionals say that eating triggers a process called " thermogenesis ." This process allows the brain to activate the metabolic process of converting food into energy.

For your metabolism to work most efficiently, it is recommended that you eat small meals every three to four hours. Not only will this keep your metabolism running, but it will also keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Normal blood sugar levels mean your brain is getting the glucose it needs to function effectively. And you won't be irritable, tired or hungry.

Another downside to skipping lunch is that you're more likely to hit the vending machine around mid-afternoon. And there's nothing nutritious or low-calorie about these machines.

So eat your lunch, you and everyone you work with will be happier.

Pack or eat?

So, now that we know we shouldn't skip lunch, we need to decide whether we should pack lunch or eat out.

We don't have to tell you that eating out is more expensive, but have you ever added in what it costs to eat out for lunch?

If you eat at a quick service restaurant, you will spend around €6. If you go to a national chain and have a full service lunch, you are going to spend around €10-15.

So, let's say you do drive-thru for four days and treat yourself once a week. This will total nearly €2,500 for the year. It's a big change for most of us. And that does not include gasoline to drive there.

But the effects on your health could be more costly. Partly because you're more likely to overeat at restaurants and don't even realize you're doing it.

Here is a good example that you will recognize. We went out to dinner at our local restaurant the other night with a friend. And you know the story, because they also put that big basket of chips or appetizer cakes on the table.

Of course, we immediately started snacking on these cupcakes. The three of us mindlessly ate that whole basket of cakes while catching up on the gossip. Then dinner arrived, a large plate overflowing with delicious dishes.

lunch box

A dinner filled with too many calories, fat, sodium, preservatives, probably genetically modified foods, and who knows what else.

We need go no further. Be healthy, save money and prepare your lunch.

What and how to prepare your lunch?

You can always quickly put something in your lunch box in the morning. Or you can think a little about tomorrow's lunch before you go to bed.

But even better, think about what you'd like for lunch while you shop during the week. Then set aside about an hour on a Sunday afternoon or evening to pack a week of healthy lunches and snacks. Seriously, with a little thought and planning, that's all the time it will take.

If you plan to pack sandwiches or have the time to prepare an actual meal, it is best to prepare them in the morning or the night before. Take the time to prepare your meal, it's just as important as what you're going to eat. With care and love! A great classic: the Caesar salad. We have found an excellent recipe for you. You can access it fro this link.

Leftovers are always a great choice, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Unless you choose one from our lunch box list , you will need to purchase something to hold the food you are going to pack. Also a little advice, remember to bring an insulated bag to transport your meal, it's always useful and it avoids disasters during transport.

Lunch boxes will cost less in the long run and are better for the environment. Plus, they'll give you more flexibility in the types of foods you can pack, especially if you get containers that are freezer and microwave safe. Follow this link to discover the complete collection of our meal boxes .

Discover a variety of sizes, some large enough for a dish and some smaller for a vegetarian side or dessert. And if you like soup or chili on cold winter days, get yourself a thermal mug .

lunch box

What about leftovers?

I'm lucky because the man in my life loves leftovers. He would be perfectly happy to eat leftovers for lunch every day. But I know it's not the norm, and I'll leave it at that.

But just because you or the man in your life doesn't want to eat tonight's leftovers for tomorrow's lunch doesn't mean you can't pack them for lunch. Store them in a glass dish for example, and you're done!

Healthy snack options

Fill a small snack container with almonds, raisins, cashews, and it will be perfect! They are full of health benefits and providing you with maximum protein.

Some sliced ​​vegetables make a great afternoon pick-me-up. And don't forget fresh fruit: an apple, an orange, a banana or put some grapes in one of these snack containers.

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