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Comment des aliments chauds peuvent vous aider à rester au frais cet été !

How Hot Foods Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer!

That seems counterintuitive, I know.

When the weather turns and it starts to really warm up, we all intuitively seek out a glass of ice water , a soft drink or a cold meal.

 It will help refresh us, we think, we are sure. But what if we we cheat ? What if what we thought was a gift for several years was not true? What if I told you there's a better way? Well, there is!
You might be surprised to hear it, but eating a hot meal, or drink a hot drink , on a hot day can actually make you feel cooler. Yes, it's true !

The scientific explanation:

One explanation lies in the way our blood circulates in our body to control the temperature. We can "play" this game by raising our internal temperature by a degree or two by eating and drinking hot foods, which forces our body to react to the increased internal temperature.

Heat loss from the body occurs mainly at the surface, and the control device is located in the skin . The skin controls the escape of heat from the body in two ways. The first is to regulate the amount of blood that comes out in the skin. Blood carries heat from the warm interior of the body to the surface, where it is cooled in the skin. Skin temperature is always much lower than internal temperature. After cooling, the blood is brought back inside the body. In this way, the blood equalizes the temperature of the body and prevents it from becoming too hot in some parts and not enough in others.

When the body is exposed to the cold , the blood vessels in the skin constrict and block the blood, allowing only a small amount to pass. The blood is therefore kept inside the body, warm. When the blood becomes too hot, the blood vessels in the skin open up and allow a large amount of blood to enter the skin where it cools. It is the cause of the redness of the face and sometimes even of the whole body, when exposed to a hot atmosphere.

Due to these changes in blood circulation in the skin, heat loss can be multiplied by three or four compared to the usual amount or decreased to the same extent.
Blood flow to the skin, feet and hands first increases to transfer heat on our periphery; then, if the excess heat is still present, it is evacuated from our skin when the sweat turns into water vapour.

"Yes, but now I'm sweating, and it makes me even hotter," you say. This is not not true.

hot meal

The doctor Ollie Jay, who heads the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory at the University of Sydney, has for many years studied how humans regulate their body temperature under different conditions. His research has shown that if you have a hot drink or a hot meal, the total amount of heat stored in the body is less than if you have a cold meal. His research indicates that the cooling effect of sweating is greater than supplemental heat. He continues by saying: "The main thing is that our body stops sweating when it drinks a cold drink."

So, you see, eating a hot meal on a hot day will actually push our bodies into "cooling mode" , which will cool you down faster and more efficiently than consuming a cold meal or drink, which will stop the same "cooling mode".

It may seem counter intuitive, but billions of tea drinkers can't be wrong! So go ahead and prepare your hot meal!
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