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La Lunch Box son histoire et son évolution

The Lunch Box its history and its evolution




  1. Positive points of a lunch box!
  2. Its origins: * amazing c hose! * the patriarch.
  3. Japan, India the same tradition.
  4. His resurrection!
  5. In the 21st century: the balanced eco!


What is the Lunch Box?

A practical meal container that has become very trendy over time. Time that is sometimes limited to us like for a lunch break at work. Eh yes ! its practical side will help us have a balanced lunch without breaking the bank in the local restaurant. No more snacks on the go at the sandwich shop! Finished too big and greasy burger and kebab.
The restaurant, the sandwich shop every lunchtime has its practical side too but above all a cost and a nice hole in the budget at the end of the month. Without forgetting that it will be difficult to follow your diet there, whether calorie, vegetarian or otherwise. It is not easy when eating out to respect food intolerances.
The lunch box solution ! It's up to you to concoct and vary your meals according to your desires.
It's in the box !
There are many variants , all very original and colorful or on the contrary very simple nature! Everyone will easily find the one that suits them best. This comes to us from its different origins, three mainly are very well known...


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Amazing thing!

We know that the Lunch box has been around since the Bronze Age . On July 26, 2017, a group of British scientists were able to first determine the age of a mysterious wooden box found perfectly preserved in the ice of the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 2,560 meters at the top of Lötschenpass. Various chemical analyzes carried out by the researchers have identified food remains inside this box made with Swiss pine wood , a resistant material , which is light and therefore easy to transport .
Do you know the proverb? the misfortune of some is the happiness of others. We will speak in this case of bad luck, it will be more fun for this alpine hiker who, after his snack break, had to leave behind him the rest of his lunch.


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The patriarch of these meal boxes!

Many say she was born in North America, hence her English name which means "meal box". What is certain is that during the 1800s the lunch box was essential to middle-class workers. Usually men working in the mines. Not having enough money to afford a hot meal in the canteens of the mines, the miners carried their lunch in a bucket or metal box which protected their meal from any shocks or dust from the mines. Even if this bucket betrayed their social rank. Economic, is one of the essential qualities that it keeps today.
Very quickly, as usual, the children who like to be copied from their dad in turn bring their lunch or snack to the playgrounds. This bucket will be replaced many years later by metal cookie boxes too.
Around 1860 the first patented lunch boxes were born. Its most common form is a small case with a clasp and a handle, reminiscent of cookie tins. Followed in 1904 by the thermos which will become part of the lunch box. The ALLADIN company which is number one of the manufacturers, decides to join forces with THERMOS and consequently its shape will be somewhat modified, the lid of this one will take the form of a dome in order to let the Thermos enter.


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It makes its way and evolves. Indeed, thanks to schoolyards, it quickly becomes a fad and thus a marketable product. It was in the 1930s that the lithographed metal box was decorated with generic images or ones based on television shows or films for children.
But the metal aged badly and in the 1960s plastic also became fashionable. At first it will be used for the handle of the lunch box and very soon the whole box.


Two countries, one tradition: The lunch box!

  1. The Japanese
Throughout history, relations between India and Japan have always been strong, mainly due to Buddhism. Once again these two countries come together in tradition for our greatest pleasure.
Let's first talk about the Japanese lunch box, "the bento"! The bento is made of lacquered wood, compartmentalized and made of several layers. Adorned and decorated according to the seasons, the occasions or the tastes of the person to whom it belongs. Japanese followers of healthy and balanced cuisine like to bring their food wherever they go. This packed lunch was traditionally prepared by wives or mothers to be taken to work or school.
Today in Japan it is found everywhere in supermarkets, trains even in fast food. The roles are reversed and the bento is brought home. But it remains above all a traditional object and the Japanese like to put it in the spotlight dressed in these most beautiful clothes during major ceremonial celebrations or for more intimate occasions as a present.

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2. The Indian

Indians are also fans of healthy, fresh and balanced food. The only difference with other countries in India is that we get delivered by a d abbawallah (bowl delivery man) to the office or others, his dabba (compartmentalized metal box) that his wife will have filled with a lunch prepared at home the same morning it is then she who will give the delivery man the dabba so that he can bring it to her husband.
This system originated in 1890, when a wealthy Indian businessman asked a young man to bring him his lunch to his workplace on the other side of the city of Bombay.
127 years later, a whole army of dabbawalas is active every morning in the biggest cities of India. The main reason for the popularity of this system is that a home-cooked meal is a guarantee for the person to respect these dietary prescriptions.


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A long-awaited resurrection!

They had a prodigious success in the years from 1950 to 1970 but this one did not last. Companies stopped producing their manufacture one after another. The ALLADIN company decides to stop its production and completely abandons the lunch box market, leaving only the THERMOS bottle. Children grow up, fashions change and the lunch box had lost its luster in the playgrounds.
Against all odds and despite the death of the lunch box, which had nevertheless sold more than 120 million copies, fashions are changing. Thermos decides to revive the lunch box, during one of these new seasonal ranges. Since then, it has reappeared everywhere, so you can find reissues of models from the past or with a vintage look.
Nowadays, they are constantly evolving and metal lunch boxes will now remain only an object for collectors. In the United States they even have a museum dedicated to them, exhibiting the most mythical and rare of them, such as Disney's Schoolbus sold over 9 million copies, which makes it the lunch box best-selling in the world. As for the most expensive sold in the world, it resides with a collector who in 2000 bought the famous 1954 SUPERMAN VS THE ROBOT at auction for the sum of 11,500 dollars.



An eco trend!

At the dawn of an era concerned with respect for the environment, our meal boxes are becoming eco-responsible. Our manufacturers rack their brains to reinvent us more ecological, economical and trendy food boxes. Made with durable materials, they can be reused at will. They are available in different materials and different sizes to suit everyone.
Since its birth, the lunch box has continued to evolve but today it is part of the environmentally friendly utensils, more than a fashion phenomenon, it is an integral part of our daily lives and will have no ceases to please us, we who are in search of a healthy, balanced and economical diet!


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