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Comment bien choisir sa lunch box ?

How to choose the right lunch box?

How to choose the right lunch box? Complete Guide 2021


1°/ The famous history of lunch boxes.

2°/ A simple but revolutionary concept.

3°/ The different lunch boxes.

  1. Stainless steel lunch box.

  2. Glass lunch box.

  3. Wooden lunch box.

  4. Heated lunch box.

  5. Insulated lunch box.

  6. Children's lunch box.

4°/ Carry your lunch box.

  1. Backpack.

  2. Cooler bag.

  3. Handbag.

  4. Shoulder bag

The famous story of Lunchboxes.

Lunch box in wood , stainless steel, glass, plastic, … There are so many! But how do you choose the right lunch box , bento lunch box or insulated lunch box ? There are so many possible names for this food accessory: bento box , lunch box , meal box or food box which are all reusable . A primordial question arises, which one to choose according to my needs . Several criteria must be taken into account: compartment / compartments , capacity , material and use . Reusable, no more packaging!

First of all, know that these famous take-out food boxes have become a relatively recent trend in Europe , whereas they are already very well established in the United States or Japan, for example. You will discover through this complete guide , how to choose the right lunch box in 2021 and find your bag model or the ideal type of bag.

A simple but revolutionary concept.

In the current times in which we live, it is important to be able to eat well . Between work , studies , taking care of children and taking time for yourself , it is difficult to maintain a healthy and constant diet. In this rushed life, lunch boxes bring you several solutions:

  • The first is food preservation . Indeed, thanks to the different lunch boxes that you will discover in this article, some allow you to keep the food longer or shorter depending on your needs.
  • The second is the transport of food . Lunch boxes turn out to be revolutionary when it comes to transporting food during long journeys . Nothing better than being able to go to school, to work or even to a picnic with a good meal prepared the day before and to transport it or take it with you. Bento boxes ensure the safety of your meals in perfectly closed, airtight and waterproof food boxes for some of them.

Our different lunch boxes

At Ma lunch box ™, we have multiple lunch boxes . Thus, to help you choose the perfect lunch box and meet your needs. Several criteria must be taken into account to choose the ideal lunch box , such as the type of lunch box and the design materials .

Stainless steel lunch box.

Stainless steel or commonly called “inox”, has many qualities in the food world . In addition to being very aesthetic , this material has the ability to keep your meal for many hours . It is for this reason that thermos bottles are made of this material because it is very insulating . In particular, it allows you to keep your delicious meal warm and at the right temperature and to enjoy it even after many hours of transport. Stainless steel is also resistant to breakage if you happen to drop it. Also, it is a durable and easy to maintain material . But beware, scratches and small bumps may be visible depending on use. Also note that stainless steel bento boxes are very light . It is ideal for transporting it in your backpack without being cluttered.

Warning : if however you want to reheat your meal, be aware that stainless steel is not suitable for the microwave. The ideal is to transfer it to a plate or other dish to be able to heat up your meal if necessary. Nevertheless, your stainless steel food box can be put in the oven without any problem.


If the link in the image above does not work, click on this link to access the collection.

Glass lunch box.

The glass lunch box is the food box par excellence . Glass remains the healthiest material that can hold any food or food product . Hot and cold do not scare him! The glass is odorless and it does not retain odors from your meals. In addition to this, the glass does not deposit any bad controversial substances like bisphenol A. Called "BPA", it is one of the disruptors suspected of causing cardiovascular diseases. Plus, there's nothing more durable than glass in repetitive food container use. Many foods tend to color their containers, this is particularly the case with tomatoes, which systematically color plastic containers. With glass, no residue will be left after a simple wash by hand or in the dishwasher. After all its advantages, let's talk about its disadvantages because unfortunately glass has some of them. It is a very fragile material, the slightest shock or fall can break it. In addition, its weight is not to be neglected. It will undoubtedly be one of the heaviest lunch boxes (yet this one is still quite reasonable).


If the link in the image above does not work, click this link to access the collection.

Wooden lunch box.

The wood is the eco-friendly material par excellence. excellent organic alternative to the use of single-use plastics, wood does not lack advantages.

The wooden lunch box has a unique style , resolutely green. The box can be entirely in wood, or with a polypropylene container and a wooden lid . We do not recommend that you put them in the microwave or the oven because they can damage the wood of the lunch box. Like all our lunch boxes, it is possible to find one with a main compartment and other small compartments around it.


If the link in the image above does not work, click this link to access the collection.

Heated lunch box.

Having superior technology to classic lunch boxes. As you will have understood, heated lunch boxes have the ability to heat your dishes (example: hot drinks and hot meals) via any socket. It turns out to be very useful when you don't have enough to reheat (microwave or oven) your meal. They are mostly made of stainless steel . This material allows the heat obtained to be quickly concentrated and diffused throughout the box.


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Insulated lunch box.

The term insulated lunch box is generally suitable for heated lunch boxes or stainless steel lunch boxes because the latter are made of stainless steel. To be insulated, there must be 3 layers of aluminum combined on the walls in order to maintain the initial temperature of your meal in addition to being waterproof .

insulated lunchbox

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Our lunch boxes for children.

Of course, everyone needs it. Unbreakable lunch boxes that fear nothing, not easy to find. This is why at Ma lunch box we dedicate a special lunch box collection for children . You will find all kinds of possible lunch boxes, including plastic lunch boxes . This model is multicolored, you will find it in a wide variety of colors.


If the link in the image above does not work, click on this link to access the collection.

Accompany your lunch box with these must-haves.

You now have the cards in hand to choose the ideal lunch box that will meet your needs . However, you are missing one in your hand! That of transporting your lunch boxes . How will you transport your lunch box? It's a good question but nothing could be simpler! Find out how to transport your meal safely with waterproof bags and panniers.


The insulated backpack option is probably the simplest solution, at least it depends on your expectations! It's sort of a tote bag . It allows you to carry and store a lot of things when out with friends or family, going for a hike or even going to work. They are very versatile and multi-purpose (eg hiking bags). Their size varies considerably depending on the models you are looking for (large bags, medium, ...)


If the link in the image above does not work, click this link to access the collection.

Cooler bag.

Small bag or large format, the insulated lunch bag is distinguished by its interior lining consisting of an aluminum layer and resembling tote bags. This insulates the food from the outside temperatures (hot/cold) and helps maintain the temperature of the dishes inside, like a cooler for the cold, for example. Insulated bags allow you to keep drinks and food at the right temperature . Regarding its uses , the insulated bag is very practical , given its size but also the multiple uses it can offer you. With a compact size, its side pockets and interior pockets, nothing better to carry your food or even to go shopping.

cooler bag

If the link in the image above does not work, click this link to access the collection.

Insulated handbag.

Handbags for carrying food do exist! All sizes exist: large bag, medium and even mini bag. These bags have been in fashion for a few years now, and are doing very well as a fashion accessory. Their small size which is foldable is less, they allow you to contain a minimum by taking with you the bare minimum of things to go on short trips with family or friends. The concept is simple and similar to cooler bags, the only difference is the size of the handbags. Keep your bag handy! In addition, you have the possibility of zipping your bag for certain models thanks to a zipper. The example above in navy blue is similar to a tote bag and designed with lining. Nevertheless, this bag can also be used as a shopping bag and is more oriented for women.


If the link in the image above does not work, click on this link to access the collection .

Shoulder Bag.

The shoulder bag , are simply insulated bags with a strap allowing this food bag to be worn around the neck or on one shoulder thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap . The advantages of shoulder bags are many besides their very useful portability. This lunch bag is perfectly hermetic thanks to a closure that can also be found in a classic insulated bag and an insulated handbag. This shoulder bag maximizes its internal space, thanks in particular to a large interior pocket.

If the link in the image above does not work, click this link to access the collection.

With all these criteria in mind, you will be able to choose the lunch box that best suits your needs and desires!

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