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🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50
Grâce la Lunch Box, préparer des repas astucieux et pratique pour les déplacements.

Thanks to the Lunch Box, prepare clever and practical meals for on the go.

Do it yourself and take it with you!

 Prepare your own food for the present day of many advantages : He there is something for everyone, varied, inexpensive and, with good healthy ingredients . 

Packing quickly into your bag, the lunch box transports your meals intact from A to B, to work, to campus or to school. For those who are often displacement , this offers new perspectives for a healthy and balanced diet.

Recipes from lunch box For all occasions

Whether cold or hot, whether sandwiches or cutlets, there are excellent recipes for lunch box for all tastes and all situations. They must be fine balanced, convenient to carry and of preference fast And easy to prepare. For people on the go all day, meals should be satiating and provide enough energy for the second half of the day. Stuffed flatbreads, hearty muffins, couscous salad or quiche, the options are as varied as they are diverse.

Easy to diversify, for appetizing meals

The salads are ideal to take to the office, the sandwich can be reinvented every day , and anything that tastes good can be put there!

  • At instead of a simple butter sandwich, how about an avocado and tomato on curry banana bread?

  • The recipes of lunch box for children must be a little colorful and may even contain a little surprise - then eating is a lot more fun .

  • Cut with simple star or moon-shaped molds, the simple cheese sandwich becomes a snack playful,

  • put on the mini skewers, the vegetables are quickly crunched,

  • Draped in silicone baking molds, grapes, raspberries and other fruits present themselves as delicious gift packages.

Even better, the lunch boxes are filled with wholemeal bread and a fruit, vegetable or yogurt every  nutrients are therefore present to help children concentrate better at school. Add to that a fine fruit juice from a hygienic, leak-proof drinking bottle and the little ones are well prepared for the school day.

Tip: You'll find more inspiration for creative snacking during  the break by clicking here.

Lunch box

The implementation of a vegetarian diet, for example, is facilitated

If you eat vegetarian or even vegan, it is often difficult to find something suitable to eat on the go . The choice in canteens and restaurants is often limited .

The solution is therefore also to opt for a Lunch Box: Do it yourself , bring the lunch box!

How about spaghetti with pumpkin and walnut pesto? Perfect for a cold snack between meals, the ciabatta with goat cheese and grilled vegetables is neatly stored in a Lunch Box.

Tip: Lunch boxes with dividers and inserts , such as Lunch Box Bento, are particularly practical.

On our MaLunchBox website you will find quality Bento Lunch Boxes

bento box

If the image link does not work, click here to discover the collection

They make it possible to store and transport the different components of a meal separately from each other. Before being consumed, they are mixed in the box and can be reheated in the microwave , for example. 

Open your eyes when buying a Lunch Box

What else can a lunch box do and what should you pay attention to when buying one? Here are the most important points important to monitor.

What good are good preparations and varied recipes if you don't have the right lunch box ? Lunch boxes are now available in many shapes, materials and colors. It is often not easy to choose.

  • Does it close hermetically, is it waterproof and does it not open during transport?

  • Is the material sturdy, break-resistant and scratch-resistant?

  • Can the lunch box be put in the microwave ?

Besides, preparing your own meals is not only good for your wallet, but also for  the environment : the use of a lunchbox avoids waste from disposable packaging.

A healthy and balanced diet to take away? No problem with the lunch box. All it takes is the right Lunch Box, a little time and recipes tailored to your tastes, then nothing stands in the way of a delicious meal on the go! To order a quality and aesthetic Lunch Box, don't hesitate to visit our Ma-Lunch-Box website. site

If the link in the image does not work, click here to access the site

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