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7 conseils pour des salades aussi bonnes qu'au restaurant !

7 tips for salads as good as at the restaurant!

Have you ever noticed that every time you order a salad at a restaurant,

She has a way of savoring herself a little more special than the ones you prepare at home? 

There's something about the crunch , the zip of the dressing, and the flavor that permeates every bite. But when you recreate it at home, even with what you think are the same ingredients, it falls flat.

It won't be for long!

Chefs have a few tricks up their sleeves to make salads so good. Peek behind the kitchen door with me and you'll be making better versions at home in no time. 

Here are seven simple tips for making restaurant-quality salads in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Prepare the salad dressing.

You'd be surprised how quickly a salad dressing can be made. The fresh ingredients give the sauce an extra flavor that you'll be hard pressed to find in an already made bottle of dressing. The typical ratio for a basic homemade salad dressing is three parts oil to one part vinegar . However, you can make it two for one if you like acidic dressings.

Once you know the ratio, you can mix and match with lots of ingredients. Add mustard or honey to keep the emulsion, or add flavor with chili flakes, shallots and herbs – the possibilities are endless .

Season your salads .

Restaurant salads are particularly delicious , not least because they are always well seasoned . Chefs make a point of seasoning greens, not just dressing, with a touch of salt and pepper. Fresh produce shines with a little salt and pepper too.

Use a mix of green vegetables to vary the texture and flavor.

Mixing greens in a restaurant salad also enhances it. Luckily, most grocery stores these days already carry mixed greens . However, it is simple to do it yourself at home too. Keep texture and flavor in mind when blending. The romaine and the iceberg are more crunchy than spinach or arugula. And watercress and arugula will add a peppery bite compared to lettuce Bibb sweet or simple leafy green lettuce.

Mix in fresh herbs.

Go beyond lettuce and add fresh herbs to your mixed greens. Salads are the perfect place to use all the herbs you have in your fridge, but you can also go all out and use leafy herbs like cilantro or parsley as a green on their own. Add cilantro in a taco salad, basil in a tomato-mozzarella salad and mint in a salad of feta-olive . salad

Think beyond leafy greens.

I bet the first ingredient that comes to mind when you hear the word “salad” is some kind of leafy green . Although I like green vegetables, they don't have to be the star . I even challenge you to leave them out altogether. There is a world of possibilities for salads beyond lettuce. Try a combination of other vegetables , fresh and dried fruits , nuts , cooked cereals and bread.

Don't be afraid of grease!

Restaurants are n't afraid to add fat to the mix, and neither should you. Remember that fat equals flavor. It improves the taste of salads and makes them more satisfying. A few easy ways to bring fat to your salad are the dressing or ingredients like avocado, toasted nuts, bacon, smoked salmon or cheese.

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