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Whether it's winter or summer, we all need a geek mug ... Yes, but not just any geek mug ! Even if it means buying a coffee or tea cup, as long as it is beautiful and has a design that attracts attention as soon as you take it out of the drawer or cupboard. With the Logeekdesign online store, we will impress our office colleagues and our guests!

To prepare a good hot chocolate, a black coffee or a steaming tea, nothing better than a good geek mug that will make us succumb at first sight.... And for that, there is plenty of choice on the shop Logeekdesign online! From the Star Wars mug to the Doctor Who mug , via Sonic The Hedgehog, Superman, Tetris, Pacman or Iron Man, we are sure of one thing at Logeekdesign: the container is more important than the content! Because what should be good should also be beautiful, we can also use these great geek mugs to make mug-cakes . And if you want to surprise a friend for his birthday or his darling for Valentine's Day, this is the kind of gift that will please without necessarily having to break the piggy bank!

The geek mug is the only one that will get you out of bed

Closer together than Lois and Clark, stronger than Batman and Robin... you and your mug geek are inseparable! It's the only one that knows how to warm you up in the morning and entertain you during your coffee break. And to occupy the first place in your heart, the mug of your life must be like you: passionate. Find the perfect accessory among the geeky mugs put together by our team of coffee-drinking movie buffs, series fans and Kawaii addicts!

Star Wars geek mugs to discover

With caffeine or theine, you will drink so that the Force bubbles in you for a long time! Master Yoda himself starts the day sipping his imported Dagoba tea from his geeky dueling lightsaber mug . Rebellious spirits and other misfits of the early morning will prefer to drink from a Darth Vader or Stromtrooper mug. Accessories that will go together or in trio with the other gadgets of the Star Wars panoply.

Geek mugs on many series

Whether you are traveling through space and time or on the edge of heroic fantasy, where will your next breakfast destination be? The choice is yours: rustic table or English tea time. Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite television series with geek mugs at bedtime with Dr Who mugs or Game of Thrones mugs . Choose your favorite from the GOT houses or change it according to your morning mood!

Harry Potter geek mugs are here!

Does your favorite geek dream of having an English breakfast at Hogwarts? If you can't get him a ticket on the Hogwarts Express, dip his nose in a Harry Potter mug . Available in characters, key episodes, Hogwarts houses or even in the shape of a Sorting Hat, the Potterphiles geek mugs will delight fans. And to prolong the magic, complete his sorcerer's apprentice outfit with Harry Potter accessories and clothing.

Kawaii geek mugs are here to serve you!

Roommates, friends or lovers, they will be all sugar and honey with geek mugs inspired by Kawaii style. These geek mugs representing purring kittens or multicolored unicorns are all cuter than each other. They will dispel the morning fog with warmth and tenderness. And the enchantment will last all day with a unicorn glass or panda water bottle from Kawaii Accessories!

And more humorous geek mugs

Want a touch of humor with your coffee? Let the funny geek mugs communicate their good mood to you when you wake up or during your coffee break! Between the spicy 3D cactus geek mug or the I'm in love with you crab geek mug , your second degree will swing. Your darling or your best friend will also see life in a Pink Flamingo geek mug or a Lama'nifique geek mug . And for mum or dad's birthday, a fun geek mug will be on the breakfast in bed tray!