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🚚 Welcome to Ma Lunch Box | 🛍 Free delivery from 50th | 📞 09 74 76 99 50

Customizable insulated bottle

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Opt for a trendy personalization by choosing from our collection of customizable insulated bottles!

Personalized insulated bottles are very trendy accessories for their usefulness and their beautiful personalization surfaces. At work, for getaways, in your travel bag, picnics, in the car, there are many opportunities to convey your image in the long term. It is a promotional gift that your customers or employees will keep on a daily basis or occasionally throughout the year.

The bottle is one of the easiest objects to customize , with a wide choice of customizations! Whether you want to display your logo on a large scale or make a discreet marking to make it a beautiful and design gift , this object is made for you.

There are different marking techniques depending on the material used to manufacture the bottle. The most common is screen printing , which allows you to print logos or creations of different sizes on a cylindrical surface, but there are others!

We all like to keep a memory of our loved ones close to us when we are not at home. With this personalized insulated bottle, your loved ones will never leave you! Print the photo of your choice on the bottle and enjoy a smile with every sip. You can just as well put a motivating quote on it to awaken your conquering nature every time you hydrate during your gym class. In addition to cold drinks, this bottle will also keep hot your morning coffee or the delicious homemade soup you have planned to enjoy for lunch. This personalized insulated bottle will keep all your hot or cold drinks for several hours, ultra resistant and is very practical to carry during outdoor activities, sports sessions, hiking. Insulated bottles give you the luxury of perfectly stored drinks throughout the day.

The advantages of insulated bottles are numerous:

  • It maintains heat and cold for long hours.
  • It saves money on drinks.
  • Solid and durable: you usually buy just one for years.
  • Allows you to drink healthier homemade drinks.
  • It is safe for health because it is BPA free.
  • Convenient to have your favorite drink wherever you go.
  • A stylish insulated bottle is a real fashion accessory.
  • Helps protect the environment by reducing the consumption of disposable plastic. Using these advertising products on a daily basis makes it possible to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles.
  • They are completely hermetic and therefore prevent damage.
  • The best models of insulated bottles are easily washable.

There are dozens of different brands and styles for personalized insulated bottles . Our personalized insulated bottles with your logo have a very clean and elegant design that will enhance your communication and the image of your company. It has different types of insulation and we will guide you in your choice. According to your needs and your desire.